Dr. Margaret Linley | Associate Professor, English Department, Simon Fraser University, Library

Library Support Staff

Eric L. Swanick | Head/Gifts Librarian, SFU Special Collections (2012-2015)

Melanie Hardbattle | Acting Head/Archivist, SFU Special Collections

Rebecca Dowson | Digital Scholarship Librarian, SFU Library,

Technicians and Programmers

Mark Jordan | Head of Library Systems, SFU Library,

Michael Joyce | Web and Data Services Developer, SFU Library

Janice Banser | Systems Librarian, SFU Library

Joel Legassie | Zoron Creative Services

Research Assistants

Alison Dean, English Postdoctoral Fellow (2016 - present)

Kimberly O’Donnell, PhD, SFU English (2012 – present)

Melissa McGregor, PhD, SFU English (2013 – present)

Maryam Mozafari, MA, SFU French (2016 - present)

Rebecca Baum, BA, SFU English (2015 – present)

Joshua Kuepfer, BA, SFU Political Science and English (2016 - present)

Ellen Koehler, BA, SFU English (2015 - present)

Fergus Maxwell, BA, SFU History (2016 - present)

John Dingle (Technical and Research Assistance) MLIS, UBC School of Library, Archival, and Information Studies (2015)

Katrina Anderson, MA, SFU English (2014)

Kimberly Garmoe, MLIS, UBC School of Library, Archival, and Information Studies (2014)

Lindsey Seatter, MA, SFU English (2014)

Mareika Dow, MA, SFU English (2014)