Engl 484 “Reading Digitally: The Book Up Close and at a Distance” (Fall 2015).

Engl 434 Student Projects on “The Future of the Victorian Book” (Spring 2014).

Engl 434 “The Future of the Victorian Book” (Spring 2014). “Digital Humanities: Networking the Geography of the Book.” SFU FASS Magazine December 12, 2013.

SFU Teaching and Learning Development Grant, “Future of the Book: Pedagogical Tool for English Literature Students.”

Student Projects for Engl 434, Spring 2014

Rachel Todd, Virtual Victorians: A Guide to Virtual Travel in the Nineteenth Century

Fania Del Bianco, The Lake District Online: Our English Lakes, Mountains, and Waterfalls, as Seen by William Wordsworth

Ryan Fancher, Observing Harriet Martineau: On Travel Writing, Disability and Gender

Danica Simmons, The English Lakes: Black’s Picturesque Guide

Katie Gillespie, Digital Humanities Project: The Lake District